• Warranty and repair conditions

    Warranty and repair conditions

    The manufacturer's warranty begins on the day of provision or delivery by MOORnetworks.
    Unless otherwise stated, a guarantee period of 1 year applies.

The manufacturer of the product is responsible for compliance with warranty and warranty claims. Since the procedures per manufacturer are largely different, you will find a list with the respective regulations and contact points below. A distinction must be made between:

  • Dead-On-Arrival (DOA)
    Defect on arrival/delivery of the product.
  • Defect within warranty period
    Defect within the warranty period. Repairs outside the warranty period are subject to a cost estimate.

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  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 0848 745 745
  • http://www.acer.ch/ac/de/CH/content/service-contact

Miscellaneous Information


Defect on arrival (DOA)

In case of any defect on arrival claims, please contact Acer. Faults upon receipt within 5 days.


Defect within warranty period

In case of any defect claims within warranty period, please contact Acer.

Warranty conditions as per Acer Advantage specification sheet and the general terms and conditions of warranty.
On-Site warranty reporting via Acer Support Center.

Notebooks & Tablets
TravelMate, Extensa, Aspire ______________________________ 2 years «bring-in»

Aspire, Extensa, Power PCs, Veriton 2-serie, 4-serie ___________ 2 years «bring-in »
Veriton 6-serie 3 years (1. year «on-site», 2. and 3. year « bring-in»)

LCD Displays
Professional (A/B/CB/V-series) ____________________________ 3 years «on-site»
Consumer (D/GD/GN/G/E/FT/H/X/P/M/T/S/K/UT-series) ________ 2 years « bring-in»

P/S/U-series ___________________________________________ 3 years «bring-in»

Others________________________________________________ 2 years «bring-in»
Smartphones _________________________________________ 2 years «bring-in»


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