• Warranty and repair conditions

    Warranty and repair conditions

    The manufacturer's warranty begins on the day of provision or delivery by MOORnetworks.
    Unless otherwise stated, a guarantee period of 1 year applies.

The manufacturer of the product is responsible for compliance with warranty and warranty claims. Since the procedures per manufacturer are largely different, you will find a list with the respective regulations and contact points below. A distinction must be made between:

  • Dead-On-Arrival (DOA)
    Defect on arrival/delivery of the product.
  • Defect within warranty period
    Defect within the warranty period. Repairs outside the warranty period are subject to a cost estimate.

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  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • http://www.antec.com

Miscellaneous Information

Standard warranty period

Warranty period ____________________________________ 2 years
BP-350 / VP series: VP350P/450P/550P/450F/550F/630F/600P/700P
Soundscience Halo 6 LED bias lighting kit / Soundscience Rockus 3D / 2,1 speaker system
TrueQuiet fan: 120mm/140mm & all other fans.
AMP Products: Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank, Chargers, Headphones

Warranty period ____________________________________ 3 years
AR352 – PSU for NSK1380
Basic Power series: BP500, BP550Plus, except BP-350 for 2 years
EarthWatts (EA+EA-D GREEN + PLATINUM) Series: EA-380/430/500/650/750 EA-450 Platinum/550 Platinum/650 Platinum/750 Platinum
High Current Gamer (HCG) Series: HCG-400/520/620
Neo Eco Series: Neo Eco 400C/450C/520C/620C
FP- Series: FP300-150/310-150 – PSU for ISK-300/310-150
Liquid CPU Coolers: Kuhler H2O 620/920/1220 (EOL);
Kuhler H2O 650/950/1250. NoteBook Coolers: Notebook Cooloer, Basic/To Go/Mini.
NoteBook Adaptor:, SNP65/90
TwoCool, TriCool fans: 80mm/92mm/120mm.

Warranty period ____________________________________ 5 years
EDGE Series: EDG-550/650/750
High Current Pro (HCP) Series: HCP-750/850/1200
High Current Gamer (HCG) Series: HCG-400M/520M/620M/750/900/750M/850M
TruePower Classic Series: TP-450C/550C/650C/750C.
TruePower Gold Series: TP-550G/TP650G

Warranty period ____________________________________ 7 years
High Current Pro(HCP) Platinum Series: HCP-850 Platinum/1000 Platinum/1300 Platinum


Defect on arrival (DOA)

In case of any defect on arrival claims, please open a RMA case in Helpdesk or contact MOORnetworks Logistics.


Defect within warranty period

In case of any defect claims within warranty period, please open a RMA case in Helpdesk or contact MOORnetworks AG.

If the product has longer limited warranty from the vendor, but is over the 2 year warranty: MOORnetworks will pass this limited vendor warranty to the customer, taking it as base for the credit note calculation.

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