• Support. Flexible and tailored to your needs.

    Support. Flexible and tailored to your needs.

    We offer you tailored support models from occasional support on request to regular operational support as a targeted extension of your internal team.

Changed causes and requirements

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The new year has begun, the pandemic continues to accompany us and the trend towards more digitalisation and online communication continues unabated. Especially in times of home offices, cloud outsourcing and careless or insufficiently sensitised employees, the security risk is unfortunately also constantly increasing. In addition to data loss, business interruptions, reputational or financial damage are possible consequences.

In 2020, 18,358 new security breaches were reported. This corresponds to an increase of 6 percent compared to the previous year, according to the "2020 Threat Landscape Report" by the cybersecurity provider Tenable. Meanwhile, the annual number of new reports is a full 183 percent higher than in 2015.

A much bigger problem than the increasing number of security breaches are the vulnerabilities in processors, operating systems or applications. If you analyse the top 5 most serious vulnerabilities last year, something stands out: for 3 of these gaps, there has already been a patch (software update) since 2019 that fixes the problem. Nevertheless, these vulnerabilities continued to be actively exploited in 2020 - by cybercriminals and state-sponsored hackers.

In summary, these trends show that support tasks are shifting towards proactive early detection, defence as well as intelligent and timely evaluations in the background. Managed services as well as permanent maintenance and monitoring of systems - even unimportant ones from the customer's point of view - are becoming the key factor to close uninvited backdoors in time and to limit damage. This also applies to outsourced data or services in a cloud. What remains are requests from users who need more and more support with decentralised everyday problems and the fast pace of apps.

Consequent: Standardised processes as a basis for support and assistance
Today, well-functioning IT is taken for granted and belongs to the area of business-critical facilities. Targeted information, access to current reporting, technical know-how and well-maintained system documentation are prerequisites for the successful processing of requests.

With a support agreement, MOORnetworks guarantees the operation and maintenance of existing or provided infrastructures and applications subject to an audit. The support agreement serves as a basis and can be individually supplemented with optional services.

Simple: Unification of responsibilities

The previously separate systems for supporting customers' own infrastructures (OnPremise) and the online and data services operated by MOORnetworks (Cloud) are combined. With the new support services, we cover all needs for support and operation via one point of contact.


The following principles are not new and only serve the purpose of transparency and demarcation:

Delimitation project business
In the project business, the aim is to introduce infrastructures and applications based on new or changed requirements, to modernise them or to replace them. The project business is accompanied by a preliminary and planning phase of at least 2 weeks, an execution phase and subsequent handover to the customer or transfer to the MOORnetworks Operation Centre.

You do not need a support agreement for project requests.

Delimitation Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Online and data services provided and/or operated by MOORnetworks are subject to an SLA which defines the availabilities of the services provided in measurable key figures.

You do not need a support agreement to use the service-related SLA.

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