• Comprehensive and personal

    Comprehensive and personal

    Data are among the most valuable products of our time.
    We accompany you around your ICT - with a holistic service without interface problems.
  • ServiceDesk


    We are happy to help - unbureaucratically and personally.
    With a contract basis also around the clock

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  • Monitoring & Maintenance

    Monitoring & Maintenance

    We have the solution to your problem.
    Proactive monitoring and maintenance of your infrastructures.

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  • Service plus

    Service plus

    The solutions we offer are as individual as the wishes of our customers.
    With a wealth of ideas, experience and innovation, we have been achieving results at the highest level.
  • Repair & Recovery

    Repair & Recovery

    Because it's urgent when it happens.
    We optimize, revise, repair or replace.

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MOORnetworks Support

IT malfunctions can have serious consequences for a company. Our Support Centre offers quick assistance with questions and problems concerning your information and communication technology (ICT).



What do companies have to pay attention to?

Of course, the entire IT infrastructure must be secured with conventional measures such as a firewall, anti-virus protection, back-up policy and so on. However, in many places, especially in SMEs, it is often forgotten that these technical measures must also be accompanied by organisational measures. Business Continuity Management is imperative to ensure the operation of the business, even if the IT is not available for some time. This does not necessarily have to be a hacker attack; power outages, fire or environmental influences such as floods can also lead to such outages.

MOORnetworks Operations is oriented towards measures to maintain operational continuity and offers the basis for business-relevant solutions with fail-safe infrastructures. This ensures that access to important business data is not interrupted, or only temporarily, even in critical situations and emergencies, and that the customer's economic existence is secured at all times.


Our business segments

Project support
Comprehensive and personalised, for +20 years

  • Consulting & Strategic Support
  • Process optimisation
  • Coaching & Out-tasking
  • Contract Management


Operational outsourcing
Standardised operating services at a fixed price

  • Infrastructure services
  • Platform services
  • Software services
  • Support & Upkeep

Project-specific services made to measure

  • Soft- & Hardware procurement
  • Programming & Development
  • Installation & Rollouts
  • Support & Maintenance


About MOORnetworks
Technology. Knowledge. Passion

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  • Integration Center
  • Support Center

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